Your Dredging Project

ROHR-IDRECO Dredge Systems, a leader in the dredging world for designing and building custom deep digging electric or diesel modular dredges with low energy requirements, has been supplying to sand and gravel, mining, dam operators, governments and contractors for over 50 years.

ROHR-IDRECO is well known in the mining industry, especially sand and gravel, for its knowhow and innovation to solve customers' problems. ROHR-IDRECO has sold over 400 dredges in more than 20 countries. Our dredges are sized from 100 to over 3,000 tph and can be designed to digging depths over 300 feet (90m).

To our customers we are not just a vendor, but a long term partner providing solutions to their dredging problems. We continue to innovate and team up with key suppliers to make our dredges more efficient and easier to operate. All of which helps to lower the per ton operating cost for our customers.

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If you have a project you would like us to look at click on our "Your Dredge Project" which will bring up a questionnaire to fill out and tell us about your dredging requirements. We can provide solutions to your challenging dredging projects.

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