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Custom & Twin Dredge Systems

Rohr Dredge NA, LLC. is understood as the world’s leader in underwater mining innovation. With over 300 dredge installations worldwide, there are still no two ROHR dredge systems that are exactly alike. Whether it is a gantry, jib, or bucket-ladder template you are looking for, our product line is available in unlimited variations. Our engineering department at ROHR is eager to work with your team in designing the optimum dredging solution for your aggregate operation. Give us a call, we are excited to hear of the ROHR dredge system you have in mind!

Lake Nasser, Egypt: This ROHR Self-Contained Twin 13 cu/yd Dredge is being used to excavate an intake canal on Egypt’s great Lake Nasser. The canal is 2 miles in length and 165 feet deep.

Irwindale, CA: ROHR Twin Gantry Dredges mine the deep alluvial basin of the San Gabriel Mountain Range. There are three Twin ROHR Dredges in the area excavating sand and gravel down to 300 feet below the water line.