Your Dredging Project

Optional Accessories

Bucket Diagnostics System

ROHR’s patented bucket service and diagnostics system continuously monitors all of
the following vital bucket functions:

  • Position of the bucket shells
  • Tilt angle of the bucket
  • Closing pressure
  • Opening pressure
  • Oil level in oil reservoir
  • Oil temperature
  • Condition of oil filter
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On Board Crusher

The on board "Jaw Crusher" is a machine designed to reduce large rocks into smaller rocks and or gravel with ratio of 3/1 to 5/1. The crusher allows the customer to utilize a greater amount of their material and thereby increase the tonnage production at their mine. Each Crusher is customized to meet the customers' specifications based on the Rohr Dredge selected.

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Rohr-Idreco's GPS/Sonar System in conjunction with the dredge control systems (DCS) provides a wealth of information to the dredge operator on his screen in a 3D format. Some of the features displayed are; position of the dredge, digging depth, trouble spots, excavated and non excavated areas, etc. The program utilizes a profile view which illustrate cross sectional of the gravel bed as determined through the survey information. This allows the dredge operator a systematic dredging process within the mining area, thereby virtually eliminating wasteful time and money having to perform multiple dredging in the same area or dredging undesirable material and thereby increasing the deposits yield.

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Remote Comm

Remote Comm System (RCS) is a customized system that allows customers remote access to the same data information that is being displayed on the operator screens on the dredge, such as digging depth, production, operating conditions on the dredge, etc. In addition, it also allows RIDS to remotely access and monitor and optimize the dredges performance in coordination with the customer. Through the remote access, RIDS' technical team can quickly trouble shoot and resolve most operational issues, thereby minimizing potential down time.

RIDS also offers a custom designed Remote Operating Dredge System (RODS), which allows remote operational control over the dredge, thereby maximizing personnel utilization at the mining operation.

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