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Rohr-Idreco Delivers New Clamshell Dredge

August 11, 2014

FRANCE - The Rohr division of Rohr-Idreco Dredge Systems has announced the successful start-up of another new Floating Gantry 8m3 Clamshell deep digging dredge in France.

This dredge is being used to replace an old 6m3 Rohr Gantry Clamshell dredge, which Rohr has rebuilt and sold to another customer. The new 8m3 Rohr Gantry dredge was purchased to increase the digging depth and production at an existing Sand & Gravel operation. The customer chose to go with a Rohr dredge again due to the outstanding performance and service they had experienced with their first dredge. The new dredge has a digging depth up to 295 ft (95m) and a production capacity of 420mt/hour.

In the foreground is the new Floating Gantry Clamshell dredge.In the
background - the 32 year old Gantry Clamshell, which will be refurbished
and in operation by the end of September.

The dredge is equipped with an on-board Fine Sand Recovery System, High Frequency Sand Dewatering Screen and Cyclone. The 8m3 Rohr Gantry Clamshell dredge utilizes Rohr's patented Bucket Diagnostic System (BDS), which monitors all bucket functions and improves production performance. It also has fully automated controls (to support a one man operation), and very low power requirements. Rohr also supplied the Rohr floating conveyor system for the project.

Rohr-Idreco Dredge Systems is the world leader in land based and floating bucketladder, clamshell, jet and cutter suction dredge applications and technology for the sand & gravel, mining and dam desilting industries. Rohr-Idreco specializes in deep digging applications up to 400 ft (120m) deep.

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