Your Dredging Project

New Dredge Tender/Work Boat

With raked bow and push knees, 3-4 watertight compartments with one for 600-1000 gallon diesel fuel storage, and equipped as follows:

  • Outboard engine mount aft (engine not included in base price)
  • All necessary hardware for throttle control and steering
  • Operator's control cabin, enclosed on 3 sides, containing steering wheel, throttle, etc.
  • Light handrail around 3 sides of cabin
  • Manually operated 4000-lb winch, deck-mounted
  • A-frame with sheave block, wire rope, and rigging in coordination with winch
  • 1 ea 15-gallon gasoline fuel tanks for outboard engine operation
  • 1 ea 12-volt batteries
  • Cabin-mounted area lights and running lights
  • Anti-slip treatment on deck - Paint with marine grade primer and finish coat, any standard color(s)

Three sizes available:

  • Standard 20’ x 8’ x 3’ Boat
  • Standard 24’ x 10’ x 3’6” Boat
  • Standard 30’ x 12’ x 4’ Boat

Engine Options:

  • 115-hp basic boat
  • Upgrade to 150-hp
  • Twin 150-hp engines

Optional Safety Package:

  • Pipe-style handrail approx 2/3 length of hull
  • Fire extinguishers and life rings
  • Cabin-mounted searchlight

Optional Performance Package:

  • 12-volt DC operated diesel fuel transfer pump
  • 12-volt DC operated 5,000-lb winch
  • Rubber bumpers on push knees
  • Extra kevel package along sides
  • Dismountable protective guard for outboard motor